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About BiblioYou

About BiblioYou

What is BiblioYou, and what can it do for me and my book?
BiblioYou is a Personal Publishing Platform developed by Biblio Publishing to offer authors the tools to publish their titles in print and eBook formats. Using the BiblioYou system, an author can use resources to refine their title with the help of “Publishing Assistants,” such as editors, formatters, and designers that can ready the book for its publication. When a book is ready, it will then be assigned an ISBN and published. The print version will be placed on the website and in the Biblio Bookstore. The eBook version will be placed in the Kindle store, Apple’s iBookstore, the Barnes & Noble Nook bookstore and more. Additionally the author can choose to have their book placed in the Ingram catalog, enabling worldwide sales to retail stores, libraries, and more.

What is different about BiblioYou?
There are numerous services offering self-publication on the internet. BiblioYou’s “Personal” approach simplifies the process, while offering help throughout the process when needed. Other services are complicated and confusing. If the author has questions, or needs help, they are directed to online manuals for their information, and connecting with a real person is either impossible, or takes numerous attempts. The BiblioYou approach also offers online documentation, but if the author needs help, or has a question, they can call, email, or even use the LiveChat feature on our website (bottom right of screen). Communication is usually prompt, and we can talk you through most any problem, or give you advice on how to proceed.

How do I get started?
To begin the journey toward publication of your book, sign up for the BiblioYou membership (Click here) and when ready, submit your book (Click here) for a free evaluation.

BiblioYou is a member of the Independent Book Publisher's Association